On the Road Again: Student Travel to D.C. & Pittsburgh

September 18, 2023

They made sure of every detail before our arrival. They carefully planned how we would be greeted. Some, quite literally, even had tears in their eyes upon our arrival. From the managers to the staff, vendors across destinations welcoming our student groups this Spring made certain they showed the importance of our visit. At one particular hotel the three managers lined up to greet our student group upon their arrival; at one restaurant the staff welcomed us with actual tears in their eyes; at one city our group was greeted with gifts and a personal visit from a city representative; at all of our destinations we were welcomed by grateful people after a trying season.

That is right. Tours are happening! Trips are happening! Educational student travel is happening! This Spring we have already had the privilege of welcoming students, teachers and parents on programs to both usual destinations and new attractions. In Washington, D.C., our students have had the privilege of touring Arlington National Cemetery, experiencing the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, taking in the impressive view of our nation’s capital from the Air Force Memorial, and everything in between. There is a reason why millions of travelers visit the “city beautiful” every year, and why so many teachers count the trip with their students as the highlight of their year.