Top 5 New York City Student Travel Food Spots

Student travel to New York City is super fun. Where should your group eat?

One of our flagship educational tour destinations is New York City. We’ve been leading groups there for many years. Our group leaders tout it as as one of the most safe, educational, and super fun student trips. One favorite thing from these 8th grade class field trips to New York City at the top of everyone’s list is the food! So what are the best, most fun, totally awesome places to eat with your student group? Read on!


Fulton Street

Just a short walk from the 9/11 Memorial, Wall Street, and Battery Park is an area along Fulton Street (between Nassau and Pearl) where our groups often break for lunch. It not only gives students a taste of local New Yorker lunchtime atmosphere, but the food options are excellent. Go to Papaya Dog for a classic New York hot dog (bonus points for the chili dog with mustard), or right next door is a Little Italy Pizza place, perfect for that typical, cheesy, greasy slice of pie. Or maybe you’re in the mood for some fresh fruit, vegetables, and light snacks? 55 Fulton Market has a great grocery selection with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Try Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine for something new or stick with a name-brand chain (Chipotle, Burger King, etc.), for the students who might have somewhat less adventurous taste buds.


Grand Central Station

Going to see the inside of Grand Central Station while on tour is totally worth it. Not only is the Main Concourse (look up at the ceiling) a beautiful highlight in one of our country’s greatest architectural achievements, but the dining concourse is perfect for hungry group travelers. Although there is a lot to choose from, two highlights to try are Shake Shack (a delicious joint born in New York City with juicy burgers, crinkle cut fries, and of course, thick, delicious milkshakes), and Magnolia Bakery (also born in NYC and has the most scrumptious Key Lime Cheesecake).


Yankee Stadium

When we go with student groups to a Yankee game, our tour directors often notice students taking a selfies while holding a Nathan’s hot dog with the game in the background. “Sending that to my dad. ” they say. What’s more classic than eating a hot dog and cracker jacks while watching one of the most historic sports teams on the planet? Don’t forget a basket of garlic fries! Even for student groups that live in cities with a professional baseball team, seeing a Yankee game in New York City is special. Also, traveling to the stadium takes students outside of Manhattan which allows them to experience one of the other five boroughs of New York City – the Bronx. 


Turnstyle Columbus Circle

The list of remarkable sites to see while traveling with a student tour in New York City is truly endless. Central Park is of course at the top of that list. It’s beautiful, iconic, and home to Strawberry Fields, the Central Park Zoo, Bethesda Fountain and the Mall, Belvedere Castle, and much more. Before or after a visit here, group tours should have lunch at the Columbus Circle Turnstyle Underground Market. It’s right across the street from Central Park (lower west corner) and has pizza, Chinese and Mediterranean food, doughnuts, crepes, coffee, and a Dylan’s Candy Bar.



Simply put, you have to eat pizza while in New York City. For student groups we especially like Lombardi’s. It’s America’s first pizzeria and arguably the best. Although it’s a little bit off of the beaten path, it works well for both small and large student groups. Chinatown and Little Italy are only a few blocks southwest, so you will often find groups enjoying some dessert (gelato, of course) as they stroll toward Chinatown for some inexpensive souvenir shopping. Another fun option for tasting delicious New York City pizza is basically any street corner vendor. Grab a slice, pay a buck, fold it in half, and enjoy one of the most favorite 8th grade student traveler experiences ever.


There’s a lot of reasons why it’s popular for teachers to take their student class trips to New York City. It’s safe, fun, and educational. And like you just read, the food is so tasty! Go with Global Travel Alliance and experience an even better trip. Click here to Get A Quote and let us know how you want to customize your tour. You’re in good hands. Just let us clean the pizza grease off first.