Just about everyone gets inspired when they see a small but gorgeous travel photo pop up on their Instagram feed. A most common reply to such pics is probably something like “I wish I could go there!” At Global, we hope to lead your student trip to Washington, D.C. or senior class tour to Europe (our Instagram account is highlighted below). Oh, you don’t fit into those or a similar category of travel? Still be sure to check out some of these best travel accounts on Instagram and go on an adventure of your own!


Here are 5 travel-inspired accounts you should follow on Instagram:


1. Google Maps

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Get lost on Google Maps street view and follow their Instagram account to get pumped up. Like our motta says, travel changes lives. Special thanks to Google for helping our motorcoach drivers find the fastest way to get wherever our gruops travel to.


2. Visit Montana

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Major key alert! We love Montana and these pictures are amazing. MT is nicknamed “Big Sky Country” for a reason ya’ll. We have offices in Billings, Bozeman, and Hamilton, so if you’re ever interested in leading a student trip to Montana, hit us up!


3. Chelsea Market

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Chelsea Market was once a highlight in Not For Tourists but has now become a checkbox and just about everyone’s NYC to-do list. We love it too: taking students here on their class trips to New York City is fun, beautiful, and the snacks are so good!


4. National Geographic Travel

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It’s hard to think about “travel” and not National Geographic at the same time. We yearn for their little yellow books that show up in our mail and we adore their IG account. They make it pretty simple really: travel the world, see awesome things, meet cool people, and take some beautiful snaps.



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We get that this last one might throw you for a loop. However, there’s no denying that following NASA’s Instagram will inspire you to get out and explore. Dream big but start smaller with a class trip to Washington, D.C. or a senior class trip to Europe. Go with your youth group to Costa Rica and then send in your resume for job openings at NASA.



Follow @gtravelalliance on Instagram too so you can see what it’s like on student trips and educational tours from the best business in the business:


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