Why Global Travel?

Jump into the pages of your textbook, go on an adventure, learn in an outdoor classroom, and change the lives of your students. We can help! Our vast experience, dedication to details, educational expertise, and unique, custom itineraries just for your group are just a few reasons why you should work with us.



Our staff has successfully led thousands of school groups to a wide variety of destinations ranging from 8th grade class trips to Washington, D.C., to multi-country performance trips, to service programs in Central America. With offices throughout the world and trips to over 40 countries, Global Travel Alliance ensures the resources to be your partner in the global classroom. Itineraries are created with authentic learning opportunities in mind, incorporating components of national and individual school curriculum standards.



Global Travel Alliance utilizes a “one group, one system” approach to travel. We never combine your group with another. Therefore, your Global Travel Alliance guide is not trying to balance the competing needs of several different groups at the same time. Your group is the sole focus from the moment you arrive at your destination airport until you depart. This results in a seamless educational travel experience that allows you to focus on teaching and watching your students expand their world.



Our staff is comprised of former teachers, administrators, and academics who are also experienced world travelers and guides. Whether demonstrating the relationship of a species to its ecosystem on a Gtrek: Science and Adventure trip in Costa Rica, or showing the role of an everyday citizen in shaping our history on an American Heritage Program in Washington, D.C., our staff guides punctuate the grand themes with hidden gems that make travel an enlightening experience.



Each Global Travel Alliance trip is unique. You shape the itinerary, the education goals and rhythm of the trip. This trip is yours, allowing you to go beyond the confines of the classroom walls, to reinforce and expand on your curriculum. This is not a generic tour. Let us help you shape your vision and create a rich, exciting program.




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