The GTrek Core Curriculum

Global Travel Alliance builds a trip in partnership with a school or teacher. This way, the trip becomes an extension of the classroom or community life familiar to each traveler and as a result, brings the trip experience to a loftier more meaningful level. Our core curriculum consists of two parts; Life Skills and Content Units:

Life Skills

While every trip is different, there are certain “Life Skills” practiced regularly during a GTrek program that help travelers learn get the most out of their experiences.

  • Personal Time: Reflection, slowing down, thinking sharpening all of the senses by use.
  • Scientific Time: Field experience; using the tools of a naturalist such as binoculars, maps, cameras field equipment; the scientific method.
  • Creative Time: Communication through writing, painting, music, drawing; Journaling – both written and illustration; Stories – past and present, personal and others’.
  • Cultural Time: Experience a place through work and play; Service; Celebration

Content Units

  • GTrek mission and goals
  • Journal
  • Rules and Safety
  • Team building activities

Landscape and Place: The purpose of this unit is to provide a basic geographic orientation (human and natural) to the landscape we will travel through.

Science and Ecology: The purpose of this unit is to understand the primary plant/ecological communities represented in the landscapes we will travel through and the plants and animals that inhabit them.

Management and Conservation: The purpose of this unit is to explore current land management and other conservation strategies designed to protect the people and places we visit.

Closing: The purpose of this unit is to offer an opportunity to revisit what we explored and learned on our adventures

Optional Units: A variety of options exists to explore one or more topics in depth such as; “life in extreme environments”, “Service Learning”, “Sea Turtle Ecology and Conservation” and much more…

World-Class Staff and Instructors

We are a team of knowledgeable instructors and seasoned guides who hold over 100 years of combined experience in education and youth development. We are passionate about learning, the outdoors, community, and creating an engaging and unforgettable experience for you and your students.

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