Teachers FAQ


How do students enroll?
Option 1:
  Go to www.globaltravelalliance.com/enrollment and enter the Group Leader’s Last Name and the Trip ID #.  If you are unaware of the Group Leader last name or Trip ID #, please call 866-313-2577.
Option 2:  Call 866-313-2577 and a representative can assist or manually enroll you.

Can students change or update their account once they enroll?
Yes, once enrolled you will be able to update your account information.

A student wants to enroll, but the flier states the deadline has passed. Can they still enroll?
Yes! If there is still space available they can still enroll.  Please refer to the “How do I enroll” options. Call 866-313-2577 for additional enrollment deadline information.

What is the trip “cap” and when does the waitlist get cleared?
The trip “cap” is the maximum number of travelers Global Travel Alliance can accommodate for a specific trip.  If the trip is “capped” we will start a waitlist.  Once the waitlist reaches the appropriate number to allow us to make additional reservations (this usually pertains to booking another motor coach), we will clear the list and accept all the students that were waitlisted.  Note:  if your child is on the waitlist and does not get to go on the trip they will be entitled to a full refund (including the non-refundable deposit and the Trip Protection Plan purchase price, if applicable – late fees are never refundable).

Why is a student(s) on the wait list?
The trip has reached its “cap”.

When will I know if a student(s) will be cleared from the waitlist?
As soon as we reach the number of travelers needed to clear the list, we will call or email each traveler and let them know.  They may also call our office for specific group questions at 866-313-2577.

If they are on the waitlist, do they still need to make payments?  What if they don’t get to go?
Although they are not required to make monthly payments while on the waiting list, we highly recommend they follow the payment schedule so that if at any time the waiting list is cleared, then they will not have several payments to get caught up.

Are parents allowed to enroll on the trip?  Does the trip cost more for adults?
Some group leaders do allow parents on their trip.  Please call our office for details at 866-313-2577. A trip does cost more for parents because of their required upgrade to a double occupancy hotel room.

I would like to pick a chaperone(s) for the trip, how do they enroll?

Chaperones are selected by the group leaders. In most cases, the chaperones are picked well in advance and are teachers or other staff members at the school. Please contact your trip representative to enroll chaperone(s).

Trip Information and Safety

How many chaperones will be with us while traveling?
Each trip will have AT LEAST 1 adult for every 10 students.  On average the adult-to-student ratio is 1 adult for every 8 students.

Will a child ever be left alone on the trip?
No!  Students will never be left alone on a trip.  The smallest group that will be allowed to leave the sight of chaperones will be groups of three.  Example:  While visiting the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. students will be allowed to explore the museum in groups of three or more.  If students do not follow this policy, they will be immediately put with an adult chaperone.

If there is an emergency, how do parents get a hold of their child?
Global Travel Alliance has a 24 hour emergency hotline at 866-837-7638. Also, please refer to your pre-trip packets where you can find additional contact information.

Is there a professional tour director with the group at all times?
Yes!  Unless otherwise noted, every trip will have a professional Global Travel Alliance tour director with the group for the entire length of the trip.  They will be with the group from the moment the group arrives until the group departs.

Do you have 24hr-Emergency support while on the trip?
Yes!  Please call 866-837-7638 for emergencies only.

If a child breaks the safety rules, what are the consequences?
Safety is our number one priority. Therefore, we have strict policies in place.  In most cases, the student will be sent home IMMEDIATELY at the parents’ expense.

Flight Transportation

When should travelers arrive at the airport?
In general we recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours prior to departure.  Please refer to your parent packet for specific information for your group.

Where can I find the most up-to-date security information for flying?
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) www.tsa.gov

How much luggage can students bring?
We recommend that students pack light.  Layering is a great idea because it allows the traveler to be prepared for a variety of temperatures.  Most airlines charge a baggage fee for checked bags. Please review our Student Travel Packing List for additional information.

Can students check a bag? Does it cost?
We encourage the students to have carry-on approved luggage for their trip.  If they choose to have checked bags please note that almost all major air carriers have baggage fees.

Do students need any form of legal ID to get through security?
Children under the age of 18 are not required to present a legal (or state issued) form of ID.  For the most up-to-date information on acceptable IDs and requirements visit http://www.tsa.gov/traveler-information/acceptable-ids

Can students receive frequent flier miles for their flight(s)?
Yes, all travelers are entitled to their miles flown.  Global Travel Alliance does not earn credit for the frequent flier miles that belong to travelers.  It is up to the individual to advise the airlines at the time of check in about their specific frequent flier miles accounts.

Motor coach and Ground Transportation

How does the group get around while on the trip?
In most cases, the group will be on a private deluxe passenger motor coach.

Does the group share a motor coach with another school group?
No, each group will have their own dedicated motor coach during the duration of the trip (unless otherwise noted).

Can my group leave items on the coach while visiting a site?
Yes, all the coaches are locked up and secure.  Students are encouraged to be mindful of their personal belongings.

Are the coaches clean, comfortable, and safe?
Yes, the motor coaches we use are kept extremely clean and we ask that all travelers respect the cleanliness of the coaches we charter.  The motor coach drivers are fully trained and insured with the proper qualifications required by law.

What are “driver’s hours”?
Driver’s hours are the legal limit that a motor coach driver is allowed to drive each day.  These hours include the prep-time (approx. 30 minutes) and the shut-down time (approx. 30 minutes).  The hour limit currently in place is 15 hours.  We respect all of our drivers and will not ask them to go over the legal limit for safe hours.

What other transportation method will we use?
In some cases students will have the opportunity to travel by boat, train, subway, or metro rail.  All transportation methods used by Global Travel Alliance are safe and meet all of the safety standards required by law.


What type of hotels will my group be staying at?
We use 3 star or better hotels with a central location at our destination unless otherwise noted.  The hotels are safe, clean, and have inner corridor room access.

Do my travelers get to choose their roommates?
The rooming list is created by the group leader for each trip.  Roommates are up to his/her discretion.

What if a traveler tries to sneak out at night?
Global Travel Alliance has a strict safety policy, and any violation of it may result in the traveler being sent home immediately at the parents’ expense.  Also, we hire uniformed private nighttime security to monitor the hotel hallways at night (unless otherwise noted).

What does a typical hotel breakfast include?
Most hotel properties we use provide a continental breakfast including but not limited to 1-3 hot items.  Depending on the size of each group, they may have their own private eating/meeting room reserved at the hotel.


What type of meals will my group eat?
Breakfast is typically at the hotel in the morning and includes many options and often 1-3 hot items.  Lunch is usually at a food court or restaurant pavilion that gives each traveler the option to pick their food of choice.  Dinners are at more sit down-group friendly restaurants.

A student in my group has dietary/allergy concerns, can you accommodate them?
Yes, we do as much as we can to accommodate each dietary need or concern.  Our vendors specialize in student groups and do a great job of accommodating those specific needs.  We also ask parents to make note of the concerns in the medical conditions box during the enrollment process.

Should we pack extra food or are the meals provided filling?
The meals provided will be more than enough for all travelers.  However, we do allow extra snacks to be packed for the trip.

Pre-Trip Information

How do I get the most up-to-date trip information?
Sign on to your account at www.globaltravelalliance.com/login here you will find the most up-to-date trip information.  You can also call our offices at 866-313-2577.

Will I receive an updated itinerary?
Visiting your account will provide access to the most up-to-date itinerary.  Also, at the “pre-trip” meeting (usually scheduled by the group leader 3-4 weeks prior to departure) you will receive an updated itinerary and chaperone packet.

What information will parents and chaperones have prior to the trip?
A final trip packet will have all the updated trip information including: hotel contacts, guides contacts, updated trip itinerary, flight information & schedules, along with other pertinent information to your specific trip. If applicable, additional pre-trip information can be found in your online portal account.


What should we pack?
We suggest packing for all kinds of weather.  This way you can adjust your outfit for the appropriate conditions.  Packing light and dressing in layers is always a good idea as well. Please review our Student Travel Packing List for more information.

What type of shoes or sandals should we bring?
We recommend wearing comfortable close-toed walking shoes.  It is not uncommon for our groups to walk over 5 miles in one day while touring.  Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed while touring.

Are there dress codes while touring?
Global Travel Alliance honors the dress code for the school at which they represent.  Also note that you are representing your school, community, and state while touring.  Please dress modestly and be appropriate. Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed while touring.

How much spending money should each student bring?
Most trips with Global Travel Alliance are all inclusive, so spending money is not required.  However, many students bring $10-$20 extra per day for personal shopping (gifts, snacks, and souvenirs).

What is the best way for parents to give their child money?
We recommend a combination of cash or pre-charged debit cards.  If travelers bring cash make sure the bills are smaller ($1s, $5s, $10s, and $20s).  Also note that Global Travel Alliance is not responsible for any loss of money or personal belongings while on the trip.

Payment and Billing

Do you offer any payment plans?
Yes, our standard payment plan divides the trip price into monthly installments starting with the initial deposit until the balance is paid in full 60-90 days prior to travel.

Are there any discounts if we sign up early?
For some trips there may be an early sign up discount.  Please call our office for specific group information at 866-313-2577.

Is there a paid in full discount?
No, at this time there are no paid in full discounts offered.

Are there any fees for using the payment plan?
We do not charge for using the payment plan. However, if you miss a payment you will be assessed a late fee. Also note that we do not cover the credit card convenience fees.

What are the fees for missing a payment?
Global Travel Alliance will assess a $10 late fee per installment for each missed payment.  Unfortunately, due to the payment plans and obligations to our vendors, we are unable to refund the assessed late fee.

Why are there payment deadlines? Are the payment deadlines flexible?
We have payment deadlines because our vendors require us to make timely payments.  Unfortunately, due to the obligations with our vendors, we cannot move deadlines back.

What are the fees for sending a check?
None.  Our mailing address is:

Global Travel Alliance
12750 Nicollet Ave
Suite 210
Burnsville, MN 55337

What are the fees for having a check bounce?
We have a $35 bounce check fee.

How do parents make a payment online? Is there a fee to pay online?
Visit your account at www.globaltravelalliance.com/login and choose the “make payment” button, then follow the steps.  If you pay online via credit/debit card or a PayPal account, you will be charged a 3% convenience fee per payment, in addition to your regular scheduled payment.  This fee is not refundable at any time, even in the event you cancel your trip and you are entitled to a full or partial trip refund.  You have the option to pay by check with no additional fee. If you have questions along the way please call our office at 866-313-2577.

Is the deposit refundable?
No, the deposit is not refundable (unless the trip is cancelled by Global Travel Alliance or a student is on the waitlist and does not get to travel due to space restrictions).

I have lost my online password, can I have it reset? Can I change it?
Yes – to reset or change your password, click the “forgot your password” link after signing into your portal account.  If further assistance is needed, please call our offices at 866-313-2577.

I am having trouble logging into my online account.  Who should I contact for assistance?
Please call 866-313-2577 or email judy@globaltravelalliance.com for assistance.

Trip Protection Plan (TPP) and Standard Cancellation

How do travelers cancel from the trip?
Travelers can cancel by emailing cancel@globaltravelalliance.com stating your reason for cancel, group name, and the travelers name.  Or by mailing the above information to:

Global Travel Alliance
12750 Nicollet Ave
Suite 210
Burnsville, MN 55337

All cancellations must be made in writing by email or regular mail to be processed.

What is the Standard Cancellation Policy?

Any cancellations initiated by Global Travel Alliance, school or church authorities, group or trip leader, or the traveler will fall under the Standard Cancellation Policy. 

    • Deposits, Trip Protection Plan, late fees, and any applicable convenience fees allowed by state law are non-refundable at any time.
    • The Standard Cancellation Policy is based upon the number of days prior to departure that the cancellation occurs. The days prior to departure are calculated based upon the original trip departure date (“Original Date”). In the event a trip is rescheduled or delayed (a “Reschedule”) to a later date (a “New Date”), the number of days prior to departure used to calculate refunds shall be capped at the number of days prior to the Original Date that notice of the Reschedule is given to travelers (the “Reschedule Cap”). Once the number of days prior to the New Date is less than that of the Reschedule Cap, then the number of days prior to the New Date shall be used to calculate the refund, if any. For example, if the original departure date of the trip is May 30, 2021 and notice that the trip departure is rescheduled to August 30, 2021 is given to travelers on March 31, 2021, then the Reschedule Cap will be 60 days prior to departure. On July 2, the number of days prior to the New Date shall be used to calculate the refund, which in this example will be 59 days. On July 3, the number of days used to calculate the refund will be 58 days.  
    • 90-61 days prior to departure, Global Travel Alliance retains 30% of the trip cost per person (includes deposit)
    • 60-31 days prior to departure, Global Travel Alliance retains 50% of the trip cost per person (includes deposit)
    • 30 days or fewer prior to departure, Global Travel Alliance retains 100% of the trip cost per person (includes deposit)
    • All cancellations must be in writing to our office by the dates listed in your agreement.
    • We strongly recommend that you consider purchasing our Trip Protection Program (TPP). Contact Global Travel Alliance for more information.

Cancellation procedure for the Trip Protection Plan and Standard Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made in writing and received by Global Travel Alliance at:

Global Travel Alliance, 12750 Nicollet Ave, Suite 210, Burnsville, MN 55337, or e-mail (cancel@globaltravelalliance.com) and must be received by Global Travel Alliance at least 24 hours prior to the group’s scheduled departure. All cancellation notices must have the traveler’s name, school name, complete address and reason for cancellation. Refunds will be issued only to the name listed on the account (the traveler). No refunds are issued for any unused services or program inclusions. The refund process takes approximately 3 weeks. Please Note: The non-refundable deposit, Trip Protection Plan fees, handling fees, credit/debit card convenience fees allowed by applicable state laws, fees for returned checks, late payment and late registration fees, and merchandise are not refundable at any time.

What is the Trip Protection Plan (TPP)?
The Trip Protection Program is a comprehensive travel protection that covers cancellation for personal reasons prior to a trip’s departure and other unplanned expenses while traveling, such as additional expenses incurred due to airline delays or cancellations due to weather.  For a complete description of coverage offered, please contact your travel Global Travel Alliance representative.

What is the cost to enroll in the Trip Protection Plan (TPP)?
The cost varies depending on the total package cost for your particular trip – current prices range from $74-$299 per person.

What are the benefits of the Trip Protection Plan (TPP)?
The Trip Protection Program is a comprehensive travel protection that covers cancellation for personal reasons prior to a trip’s departure and other unplanned expenses while traveling, such as additional expenses incurred due to airline delays or cancellations due to weather.  For a complete description of coverage offered, please contact your Global Travel Alliance representative.

Is the enrollment in the Trip Protection Plan (TPP) required?
No, enrollment in the Trip Protection Plan (TPP) is not required, but it is highly recommended. Unplanned personal events prior to a trip’s departure and unexpected weather delays while traveling can (and do) happen to everyone.

Learn more about our Trip Protection Program.

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