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Global Travel Alliance and Safety

Safety. It’s always been our priority. So much so that in February of 2020, we were the first in the world to meet the standards of the Center for Student Travel Safety – an independent organization committed to educating, training, informing and standardizing best safety and security practices for tour operators and travel organizations – and achieve the status: Certified Student Travel Organization. The process was years of effort and months of review, all started prior to the global pandemic. What does this mean? It means we have always prioritized the well being of our travelers and always will. And it’s why you can trust us as we begin traveling following COVID-19.

Travel Industry’s Response to the Global Health Crisis

With the global health crisis the travel and tourism industry is responding with increased attention to hygiene and health. Vendors in transportation, lodging, food service, activities, etc., have enhanced health and hygiene protocols for the safety of all travelers. Here are some measures taken across the travel and tourism industry, including hotels, airlines and airport security. Please refer to your airline’s website for more information on their specific safety protocols.

Health and Safety on Tour

To promote the health and safety of all travelers, we as a company will continue to follow advice and guidelines of health experts, such as the guidelines instituted by the CDC. In addition, we are communicating directly with our vendors about their health and safety protocols to ensure enhanced hygiene and health standards will be followed. Here is more information about our company’s measures while on tour:

  • Readily displayed signage regarding health and hygiene safety
    • Signage and reminders to include best practices:
      • Do not touch face
      • Sneeze into arm
      • If feeling ill do not travel and do not go with group; tell adult/authority
      • Social distancing when possible
      • Wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap frequently, including, e.g. before meals, after leaving public spaces, ‘high touch’ areas
  • Clear, consistent and enhanced communication/reminders to all travelers throughout the tour to establish routine of hygiene safety
  • Health safety supplies available to all passengers throughout the tour, including:
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Disinfecting wipes
    • Masks
    • Tour Directors and Global Travel Alliance Staff will be trained in appropriate hygiene and health protocols and procedures

It is our privilege to serve you with these safety and good hygiene practices, as well as the many other safety practices and protocols that we employ on our successful tours. Please reach out to us with any further questions. We look forward to serving you on tour!

Emergency Support

Be it the ordinary or the significant, when the unexpected arises we have you covered. Whether it’s a weather delay or lost luggage, or anything in-between, our expert emergency support coordinating team is ready for any questions or emergencies that might come up.

Emergency Cards

Most Global Travelers are equipped with a waterproof Global Travel Alliance emergency card. Information on this card will include a 24-hour emergency hotline, the group leader name and number, and the tour director name and number. These students now have quick access to a Global Travel Alliance staff member or their teacher in case of an emergency.

Dedicated 24-hour Tour Directors

Teachers and students who trek with Global Travel Alliance never travel alone, unless specified otherwise. Our entire staff is prepared to lead a group to their destination, many of them being trained professionals for specific destinations. If applicable, our Tour Director(s) will meet your group at the airport baggage claim and won’t leave your side until waving goodbye at airport security on the last day of your trip. Enjoy a peace of mind – you’re in good hands.

Contact us to ask more about our Tour Directors or to talk with an experienced group leader.

Night-time Security

We stay in safe and known parts of our destinations, but for added peace nighttime security at the hotel is available upon request. Even more than that, we go to the extra effort to group students’ rooms in the hotels as much as possible. Just another example of how our approach makes for better trips for all involved.

Domestic and International Emergency Support

When someone dials our 24-hour emergency support number, they reach our trained professionals at the Emergency Support headquarters. We offer a world-wide network of support and will personally ensure the safety and success of your trip.

Liability and Insurance

Every Global Travel Alliance trip includes our $5,000,000.00 Professional Liability Coverage. Also, enrolled travelers are offered a more specific Trip Protection Plan that caters to that particular adventure.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 866-837-7638

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