We have 30+ years of combined classroom teaching experience and are dedicated to help you expand your classroom and show your students the world. Together we can get you and your group into the global classroom! Explore our educational resources below and contact us today by calling 866-313-2577 or Get Started Online!


Global Travel Alliance Trip Curriculum

Contact your Global Travel Alliance representative to request a digital or hard copy of any of the following Teacher Resources or Student Trip Guides:

  • American Heritage Teacher Resource Guide
  • New York City Teacher Resource Guide
  • American Heritage Student Trip Guide
  • New York City and Boston Student Trip Guide


Global Podcasts and Lesson Plans

Click here to check out our Global Podcast and the lesson plans attached to each. What a great and inspirational travel classroom activity!


Additional Curricular Resources


Reading List

Please contact us to find other reading recommendations from our educational staff.


Group Leaders

Contact your Global Travel Alliance representative for more helpful resources.


Foreign Language Programs

Aprender español, apprendre le français, and even 学习中国! Our unique and comprehensive culture and language programs immerse students in a destination, teaching them a new language along the way. Our extensive network is world-wide and allows for students with a desire to communicate and connect to learn from native speakers. These programs are private, guided, and customized.

  • Call 866-313-2577 to discuss Foreign Language program opportunities.


Travel Journals

Travelers enrolled in certain programs receive one of our educational Trip Guides. These small, easy to pack booklets are full of destination background information, high-def photography, interesting facts and figures, and questions that will set the gears in motion. These guides also have space for daily writing and are a great educational resource on your trip or in your classroom. They have been written and designed by current and former educators, and our educational staff.



Global Travel Alliance Tour Directors and educational guides carry iPads and other educational technology/resources while touring. They understand that students have bountiful access to technology, and plan their trip accordingly by offering a wide variety of extracurricular discovery materials.

Also check out favorite Apple iTunes apps picked by our veteran travel staff:


Teacher and Guide Participation

Global Travel Alliance offer 100% itinerary customization. The actual delivery of educational aspects while traveling is also flexible. All Tour Directors and educational guides are prepared to provide as much information and value as needed for your group at any destination. Teachers are encouraged to lead, teach, and inform as much or as little as they would like!

Looking for more educational resources? Call 866-313-2577 or email info@globaltravelalliance.com

General travel help, pre-trip information, and other ways to prepare for student travel can be found in our Plan Your Trip section.