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Our concern for safety, attention to detail, and care for your student is how we make travel easy and rewarding. Global Travel Alliance offers the best value for your money, reliable and friendly customer service, and top-notch security and safety standards. We personally ensure a successful trip.

What is The Global Difference?


Safety and Security

We promise to bring your child back home safely. We’ve been doing it for years, and will continue to do so! Our staff and guides are well trained, CPR and First Aid Certified, and ready to adapt in any group travel situation. We also offer 24 hour emergency support.



Most Global Travelers have the opportunity to use a provided Travel Journal before, during, and after their trip. These small, easy to pack booklets are full of destination background information, high-def photography, interesting facts and figures, and insightful questions that will get the gears going. Also included in the Travel Journals are blank pages for students to write, draw, and journal about each day of their expedition. These Journals make for a great educational resource on your trip and have been written/designed by our educational staff and current/former educators. Our Tour Directors are well-trained and highly intelligent about specific destinations. Your student will be provided with plenty of background information and fun facts and trivia. Our staff works closely with all group leaders to ensure the educational success of our trips before, during, and after. Welcome to your outdoor classroom!



The staff at Global Travel Alliance has more than 50+ years combined educational and travel experience. We have led student groups to almost every continent. Thousands of parents enroll thousands of students in our programs each year. We are current educators with classroom experience. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Keeping up with fast pace learning environments, all Global Travel Alliance Tour and Educational Directors carry iPads and other educational technology/resources. Our guides also understand that students have increased access to multimedia, and plan their trip accordingly by offering a wide variety of extracurricular discovery materials and opportunities.

Our tour directors are super tech savvy and like to use these Top 3 favorite and free most useful iPhone apps:


Scholarships and Fundraising

All students should have an equal and fair opportunity to travel the world and expand their horizons. Global Travel Alliance is here to help in any possible. We offer extensive knowledge and resources that can help reduce your payment and increase your peace.

We are proud members and strong supporters of SYTA, the Student Youth and Travel Association. Find out more about SYTA, their student travel scholarship opportunities, and the SYTA Youth Foundation.

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