Safety & Security

Priority #1: Student Travel Safety

As leaders in our own families, we have made the safety of our students the top Global Travel Alliance priority. Whether you are a first-time traveler or veteran excursionist, we are committed to provide you with a rewarding and safe experience.


Global Command Center

Be it the ordinary or the significant, when the unexpected arises we have you covered. Whether it’s a weather delay or lost luggage, or anything in-between, our expert emergency support coordinating team is ready for any questions or emergencies that might come up.


Emergency Cards

Most Global Travelers are equipped with a waterproof Global Travel Alliance emergency card. Information on this card will include a 24-hour emergency hotline, the group leader name and number, and the tour director name and number. These students now have quick access to a Global Travel Alliance staff member or their teacher in case of an emergency.


Dedicated 24-hour Tour Directors

Teachers and students who trek with Global Travel Alliance never travel alone, unless specified otherwise. Our entire staff is prepared to lead a group to their destination, many of them being trained professionals for specific destinations. If applicable, our Tour Director(s) will meet your group at the airport baggage claim and won’t leave your side until waving goodbye at airport security on the last day of your trip. Enjoy a peace of mind – you’re in good hands.

Contact us to ask more about our Tour Directors or to talk with an experienced group leader.


Night-time Security

Most of our hotels have a security staff, but we like to make all extra safety efforts. Additional, private night security guards are available to each group upon request. In addition, we try to block all group rooms on the same floor. Your students can now enjoy sweet dreams after a sweet day of learning fun.


Domestic and International Emergency Support Headquarters

When someone dials our 24-hour emergency support number, they reach our trained professionals at the Emergency Support headquarters. We offer a world-wide network of support and will personally ensure the safety and success of your trip.


Liability and Insurance

Every Global Travel Alliance trip includes our $5,000,000.00 Professional Liability Coverage. Also, enrolled travelers are offered a more specific Trip Protection Plan that caters to that particular adventure.

24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 866-837-7638

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