Online Enrollment Instructions

Thank you for enrolling in this once-in-a-lifetime experience! You’re in good hands with Global Travel Alliance. To enroll online, follow these steps:

Begin at www.globaltravelalliance.com/enroll and create a free user account. If you already have a user account (maybe a member of your family has already traveled with us before) you can simply login using your email and password. After your account is created, start the enrollment process:


Step 1      

  • Enter Group Leader’s Last Name and Trip ID, which are both found on your enrollment flyer.

Step 2

  • Trip and Traveler: Review details to confirm you are enrolling in the desired trip.
  • Booking Conditions: Read through and check the box that you agree to these conditions.
  • Trip Protection Plan (TPP): Read through and check the box to confirm that you read and understand the benefits of the TPP, which later on in the enrollment process, you will be given the option to purchase or decline.

Step 3

  • Traveler Info: Enter all info as requested. After adding first traveler, proceed to Step 4 or add additional travelers if applicable.

Step 4

  • Parent/Guardian Info: Enter all info as requested.

Step 5

  • Trip Options:
    • Trip Protection Plan – Accept or decline the Trip Protection Plan. When you accept the Trip Protection Plan, you are required to pay for this fee at time of enrollment.
  • Today’s Payment:
    • Full: to pay in full for the trip and TPP if selected.
    • Deposit: to pay for just the trip deposit and TPP if selected.
  • Method of Payment:
    • Select Credit Card or Electronic Check. Review the info you entered for accuracy, and click Complete Enrollment.
    • If your payment was declined, you will receive an error notification. Please try payment again or different payment method. You are not enrolled on the trip until payment is successful.

Step 6

  • You should receive a notification that enrollment was complete.


NOTE: You are not enrolled on the trip, or guaranteed a spot on the trip, until we receive your deposit. After completing your deposit payment, please go back to your account home and review that the deposit was posted and the traveler is listed on the trip.

Your credit card or bank account will not be automatically charged for your future payments. You must continue to log into your account to make timely payments. Be sure to log into your account frequently at www.globaltravelalliance.com/login to review any updated trip details, upcoming payments, payment history, or to see who else has enrolled.

If you have any questions please call our office at 866-313-2577.

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