Credo and Core Values

Our student travel and educational values express our true desire to Build Bridges and Change Lives.



Being truthful, fair and trustworthy in our words and actions is at the heart of what we do. Our clients deserve our honesty and we strive to never promise more than we can deliver, and provide accurate quotes with no surprises or hidden fees. If we do make an error, we will work to fix it as quickly as possible.



Improving oneself, those around him or her, and the organization in which he or she works. Global Travel Alliance is committed to not only partnering with educators, but also continually learning and improving as a company. Education at a personal and organizational level improves the value of the company and it’s ability to deliver exceptional travel experiences to its clients.



Sacrificing your own good for the good of others. Global Travel Alliance, although an educational company, is positioned within the service industry. Therefore, our employees are deeply committed to going above and beyond for our clients. We are committed to providing not just good, but great service that is accurate, quick, and thorough. Furthermore, Global Travel Alliance is committed to serving our world both locally and globally. We are very proud of our staff at Global Travel Alliance and their dedication to serving others. Each of our employees spends a percentage of their time supporting the companies social responsibility efforts. Global Travel Alliance also commits a percentage of its profits to support local causes, and organizations that work in places we send our travelers.



This core value is closely connected to all the others. True leadership is marked by service, grit, continual self-improvement (education), and integrity. Abiding by these values often requires tremendous sacrifice for the good of others, and we seek staff and partners that lead in this way.



Working towards goals and outcomes with perseverance and determination, and seeing challenges as opportunities to show one’s character and commitment to personal and organizational success. Small groups of ordinary people are able to achieve incredible results through perseverance and determination. Educational travel is a fast-paced industry, with plenty of logistical details that have to be accounted for in order to execute a safe and meaningful trip. Global Travel Alliance’s small, but accomplished team, works tirelessly to build a successful company, and to daily deliver unmatched service in the educational travel industry.

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