Considering Student Travel

As you begin the process of starting a student travel educational program at your school there are three basic elements that we hope you will need to keep in mind:

Educational Value

Global Travel Alliance staff include university professors, biologists, language specialists, a
Fulbright Scholar, as well as former middle and high school teachers and administrators. We can expand and reinforce the foundation of understanding you’ve already laid in the classroom. We utilize a content rich format, bringing history to life weaving together the “big picture” with human interest, fascinating details, and tons of fun.

Planning and Support

Global Travel Alliance takes the lead in all aspects of your trip. Once you have picked the dates and itinerary, Global Travel Alliance takes charge of all of the details, including parent questions, billing, special needs, and any other trip details. The Group Leader and school administrators are not expected to become travel experts or payment collectors. Global Travel Alliance will send you promotional posters, parent information flyers, as well as an online portal through which parents can access their individual accounts and the group leader can monitor the overall progress.

This is Your Trip

Together with your Global Travel Alliance advisor, we lay out the key components to ensure that your trip is successful. We are here to certify that your trip is seamless, stress-free and of unparalleled educational value. To do this, we will work with you throughout the process to customize your program to provide maximum benefit to your students, chaperones and teachers. At all times, we will provide a safe, fun, and educational experience. The details of what you see and what you learn are up to you!

If you are strongly considering taking the next step, Global Travel Alliance will be happy to connect you with one or more of our experienced group leaders that can help you to understand how to manage a successful educational travel program. To do so, please contact us  – or –  click here to get a free price quote!

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