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5 Benefits of Student Group Travel

January 30, 2023

Digging into some of the top student travel benefits…

5 Ways We Provide the Best School Trips

September 30, 2022

We’re dedicated to providing the best school trips to Washington, D.C (and beyond)! Curious how? Here are five ways…

Our team makes the best school trips possible!

Our incredible team is dedicated to providing the best student travel opportunities, whether you’re traveling to DC, Yellowstone, or beyond! Today, meet Jessica, one of our Education Program Specialists.

How to Get the Perfect Group Photo on Tour

September 23, 2022

Learn how to get the perfect group shot on your tour every time with this easy hack from a fellow group leader!

How to Create a Culture of Student Travel

August 30, 2022

Whether you already lead an annual student trip or are considering it for the first time, creating a culture of excitement and support around student travel is a great way to encourage your students to join this incredible adventure.

How to Ace Your Next Vacation: Tips from the Pros!

July 29, 2022

Are you getting ready for one last summer hurrah before the start of the school year? Or perhaps you’ve just returned and already are dreaming of your next jet-setting adventure. Either way, we’ve gathered our top tips to help you …

Student-Friendly Sites You Can’t Miss in Pittsburgh

We love introducing our students and group leaders to new destinations. Over the last few years, Pittsburgh has been gaining popularity with our groups and for good reason!

Why Costa Rica is an Excellent Student Travel Destination

June 29, 2022

Costa Rica is one of our flagship destinations. From cultural immersion to service learning, biodiversity to fun in the sun, Costa Rica is a fan favorite for our travelers and staff alike. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, we were overjoyed to send student groups back to this incredible country.

You’ve Seen the Travel Headlines. Here’s How We Navigated It!

You may be wondering, how does a student travel company navigate these ever-changing protocols? How do flight changes impact groups?

The Magic of Guiding Student Group Tours

May 24, 2022

Guiding student group tours is a true artform. Beyond the organization and facilitation of a tour, the true skill is managing it all while creating an environment that leaves space for questions, inspires learning, and fosters lasting connections.

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