About The Global Trek

Educators helping Educators

Global Travel Alliance is a company of educators with a passion for travel. We apply the ideals of teaching excellence – a safe learning environment, creativity, inspiration and FUN! – to our GTrek programs. Our staff includes university professors, biologists, language specialists, and former middle and high school teachers and administrators. We pride ourselves on providing you the best personal service possible making the trip planning and implementation easy and flawless.


Guiding Principles

Each program utilizes place (the human and natural community) as the integrative context for learning and development. Program components place emphasis on outdoor adventure, environmental/science content, cultural immersion, service and life skill development.

  • Adventure: with any of our GTrek destination, we offer outdoor activities that are exciting and enrich the physical, social and leadership development of travelers.
  • Environmental/Science Content: Our connections to the land and people are engendered along many paths. GTrek’s programs embrace and integrate many disciplines both in the sciences and the humanities, always, though with a foundation in science.
  • Cultural Immersion – Community-based and regionally focused: GTrek works in partnership with local individuals and communities. This approach brings added value to your program and to the people and landscapes we interact with.
  • Service: For each of our destinations, we have partnered with organizations and communities to identify some of the best opportunities to engage you students in real and relevant service learning opportunities. for example, your students will work with ranchers in Montana to improve wildlife migration corridors or restore a wetland for bird habitat. Or, in Costa Rica deliver much needed school supplies to schools and help build a home for a family in need.
  • Life Skills: GTrek programs strive to provide lifelong skills which will help people understand natural processes, human history, and the others who share the planet so that they may feel a part of and not apart from their place – family, community, watershed or region.

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