5 Benefits of Student Group Travel

We could write at great length about the myriad benefits of travel, especially educational student group travel. And there are ample studies about how these early life experiences open the minds of young travelers and have a lasting impact. But for today, we want to focus on these top 5 benefits of traveling with your students. 

  1. Shared experiences – Shared experiences among peers provides crucial bonding opportunities. Every season we hear from group leaders how class trips were turning points for students that were struggling previously. And the energy at school following a trip? It’s palpable and contagious! 
  1. New perspectives – Whether student groups are traveling to Washington, D.C., Costa Rica, Yellowstone, or beyond, travel offers the chance for them to find a new perspective. Perhaps it’s the scenery, being in a new part of the country, seeing a different culture, or just being somewhere they had only seen on TV, they’re minds are opened. Students may learn about new career opportunities, learn about a different culture or way of life. 
  1. Stepping outside of comfort zones – For some students, traveling on their school trip is the first time they’ve been on a plane. Or perhaps it’s the first time they’ve traveled without their parents. These new experiences force them outside of their comfort zones. 
  1. Independence and confidence – For many of our student travelers, this is their first trip without their parents. They are trusted with managing their own schedules, spending money, and staying in a hotel room with their peers. They are not only in a new destination, but also enjoy new experiences such as hikes, Broadway shows, and large museums. And in navigating all of this, they find increased confidence and independence. 
  1. Educational experience – Last, but certainly not least, travel offers countless traditional educational experiences in addition to all of the aforementioned benefits. By partnering with our group leaders, we design customized itineraries that complement the group leaders’ curriculum goals. 

Our slogan is “Building Bridges and Changing Lives through Educational Travel” for a reason – we truly believe in the transformative and beneficial impact of student group travel.