How a Middle School Trip to D.C. Inspired One of Our Own

Behind the scenes of educational student group travel are dedicated team members taking care of every aspect of a trip from securing hotel reservations to sought-after Broadway tickets, private coaches to flights, and so much more. But before any of that occurs, it’s our Education Program Specialists that partner with educators to craft customized educational itineraries for their class trips. 

Earlier this year, we were lucky to add two incredible travel enthusiasts to our team of Education Program Specialists. Today we are highlighting: Claire Edgell Lopez! 

As a former Spanish teacher, Claire is not only passionate about cultural and language immersion travel, but also relates to and understands the needs of our group leaders. 

She’s a bilingual world traveler who has explored over 20 countries. One of her favorite travel memories was a sloth encounter in Costa Rica. While teaching abroad in Costa Rica, she also introduced her students to (fake) snow and fondly recalls their sheer joy jumping and playing in it. 

It’s travel experiences and memories like these that truly last a lifetime and make an impact. Similar to many of our student group travelers, Claire recalls her middle school trip to Washington, D.C. as being particularly influential:

“Traveling to Washington D.C. as a middle schooler was when I first began to understand how much there is to learn and explore from traveling to new places and getting outside your comfort zone. Travel strengthens many skills that cannot be fully grasped in a traditional classroom, such as compassion, confidence and independence. Now, it brings me so much joy to be able to provide students with these life changing opportunities that will contribute greatly to their future success and expand their knowledge of the world and all the beauty it has to offer!”

When she’s not working with educators planning student group travel to D.C. and across the globe, you’ll find Claire in her home state of Minnesota participating in rollerblade marathons on the beautiful north shore, checking out the local state parks and trails with her baby boy on her back, and salsa dancing the night away with her husband!

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