Our team makes the best school trips possible!

Global Travel Alliance is dedicated to providing our student travelers and group leaders with the very best student travel experiences. And it’s our dedicated team members spread across the country that make incredible student group travel possible. 

Today, we’d like to introduce (or reintroduce!) you to Jessica, our Education Program Specialist in Billings, Montana. 

It’s hard for Jessica to pin down her favorite travel memory because each trip has provided incredible memories. She once surprised her daughter with her “dream trip” to Texas complete with her own cowgirl boots! Two other standout memories are to some of our most popular destinations: navigating NYC on her own for the first time brought a sense of accomplishment and pride; Jessica still remembers standing at the top of the WTC Cortland Subway entrance, hearing the sounds of the city buzz around her. And ziplining in Costa Rica pushed her out of her comfort zone, as well as providing the great photo you see here! But, she says, “one of the best, by far, is always the next travel memory!” 

All of our staff are passionate about student travel and its lasting benefits to students. That’s why we do what we do! And Jessica frames the importance of student travel so eloquently: 

“Travel brings the world closer to home. It opens minds, breaks down barriers, humanizes what we’ve only seen on screens. Travel, like no other experience, brings students a sense of awe and wonder again. It allows them to walk out in a new independence and self-confidence; breaks them out of their comfort zone and lifts their heads from their phones. Instilling a love of travel young means we get to see a generation grow up with more empathy, compassion, curiosity, and confidence.” 

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys reading a good book, horseback riding, painting, volunteering at her church, and of course planning their next great adventure! 

Reach out to Jessica and our Education Program Specialist team today to plan your next school trip to DC or beyond! 

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