5 Ways We Provide the Best School Trips

Our entire team here at Global Travel Alliance is dedicated to providing the best school trips to our student travelers and group leaders. Here are 5 ways that we provide the best school trips and why Global Travel Alliance is the best student tour operator for your next student group trip! 

  1. Educational Focus: Our Education Program Specialist Team ensures that your student trip is not just fun, but also educational! With former educators on staff, amplifying your curriculum goals and curating memorable learning opportunities is a top priority for us on your student trip. 
  2. Full-time Guides: Our student group tours have the same guide with them from start to finish. They even stay in the same hotel to ensure they are on hand if needed. As opposed to a step-on guide, this adds to our group leader support and also allows stronger relationships to form on tour. 
  3. Unparalleled Support: We provide our guides and group leaders with unparalleled on the ground support before and during student group tours. 
  4. Safety First: Global Travel Alliance was the first student tour operator to be CSTO (Certified Student Travel Organization) certified. We take school trip safety seriously! 
  5. Lasting Relationships: Our group leaders have one point of contact: their dedicated Education Program Specialist. While there are lots of us behind the scenes helping to make the student travel magic happen, group leaders have one point of contact. This allows for lasting relationships. Your EPS knows what you liked on your last trip, what is new that you might want to try, and is dedicated to ensuring you and your students have an incredible time! 

We live out our mission of “building bridges and changing lives through educational travel” every day. It’s our passion and it’s why we do what we do. We truly believe that we are the best student tour operator and would love a chance to learn more about your educational student travel goals!

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