How to Ace Your Next Vacation: Tips from the Pros!

Are you getting ready for one last summer hurrah before the start of the school year? Or perhaps you’ve just returned and already are dreaming of your next jet-setting adventure. Either way, we’ve gathered our top tips to help you ace your next vacation like a travel pro. 

  1. Have a goal. Whether your goal is to relax, have fun, ride as many coasters as possible, or simply spend quality time as a family, pick one. Having a goal provides a lens through which to see every decision you need to make. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by choices or a change in plans. With a clear goal in mind, you know what direction to take! 
  2. Stay organized. This may sound like common sense, but keeping your important documents, confirmation numbers, addresses, etc. handy is essential to minimizing stress and maximizing enjoyment. If you’re old-school, type up everything you need onto one document and print out multiple copies. For those more tech savvy, our guides suggest saving all the key phone numbers in your favorites on your phone for easy reference. You can also add pin addresses in your go-to map app and add them to a vacation list. While we love technology, it’s always a good idea to have hard copy back-ups of the essentials! 
  3. Less is more. It’s to pack everything they can into a day or trip, especially in an exciting new destination. But seasoned travelers know that this is one of those times where less is often more. Too much quantity on your itinerary quickly diminishes the quality of your experience. For example, don’t try to do three Smithsonian Museums in three hours in D.C. Go to one and take your time, then enjoy a break on the National Mall with some refreshments before visiting another. 
  4. Get in the photos! Our Lead Guide, Tim Smith, has a great saying on tour: “You can’t find a picture of yourself in front of the White House on the internet.” Make sure you get in the photos! There are ample gorgeous stock photos of the monuments of D.C. and the splendor of Yellowstone National Park online. 

We hope that these pro tips help you enjoy your next vacation like a pro! 

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