Student Group Trip to Washington, D.C.

Late Spring is the heart of tour season for us, and it’s wonderful to have so many student groups out exploring this year! Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to join an eighth grade student trip to Washington, D.C. and captured some images along the way. Let’s take a look at all of the educational experiences and fun adventures they enjoyed!

Washington, D.C. has ample opportunities rain or shine, but this particular group enjoyed exceptional weather save for a brief shower on the final day! While D.C. was certainly busy, we enjoyed unusually quiet moments at the White House, which allowed the students plenty of time to take in the site, snap pictures, and enjoy the moment. One evening, as we walked to the Jefferson Memorial, we were treated to a picturesque sunset and stunning reflection of the Washington Monument in the water.

Beyond the incredible weather, thanks to some special connections, the group also enjoyed a few rare opportunities. At Arlington National Cemetery, they were lucky to secure a wreath laying and the best spots for viewing the ceremony. Afterwards, the group heard from a Lt. Colonel who shared great insight into the Tomb Guards and more. They also had the chance to speak with Gus Bilirakis, United States Representative for the State of Florida, on the steps of the Capitol.

These exciting moments certainly accentuated their rite of passage trip to Washington, D.C. Amongst the beautiful weather and rare opportunities, the students also enjoyed visits to the Smithsonian Museums, Mt. Vernon, additional monuments, memorials, and much more. The educational experiences will amplify the lessons they learn in school, and we know from experience that the memories last a lifetime.

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