Student Travel Packing Tips

One of the biggest questions we get this time of year is about what to pack on student group tours. And while our answer depends heavily on the destination and time of year, there are a few tips that are pretty universal. 

We all know that toiletries and other items are a given, so let’s skip to the more nuanced aspects of packing. If you want a full overview, check our complete packing list here and be sure to attend your pre-trip meeting.  As a travel company, we’ve pretty much seen it all from unseasonably hot weather to unexpected flurries. 

Let’s look at one of our exceptionally popular student travel destinations as an example. From photo opportunities at the White House and Supreme Court, to visits to the many memorials and Smithsonian Museums, an 8th grade trip to D.C. is a rite of passage for many middle school students. The brisk Spring morning air as we depart early in the morning for Mt. Vernon or Arlington National Cemetery will be a far cry from the warmth of the midday sun! But that jacket or sweater from the morning that you don’t need at lunch? It will come in handy as we continue touring after dinner. 

Here are our top tips for being prepared for an exciting tour no matter the weather!

  1. Dress in layers! We maximize our touring time to ensure students experience as much as possible. This means we set out early in the morning and don’t come back to the hotel until well after dinner. We highly recommend students, chaperones, and group leaders dress in layers. Think a short sleeve shirt, sweater, AND a coat or wind breaker depending on the forecast. Waterproof outerwear or a poncho are great options, too! 
  2. Comfortable walking shoes. We’ll be on the move, so leave the flip flops and sandals at home (unless of course your itinerary calls for snorkeling and other beach activities!). Two pairs of comfortable, broken-in, walking shoes are always a good idea. In case of rain or damage, you’ll have a backup pair ready. Blisters are no fun when it’s only day two out of four, so plan for comfort and function on tour. 
  3. Extra phone chargers. If you’ve ever left your phone charger at the hotel and had to purchase one in a pinch, you know that they can be quite costly at the airport. To save stress and money, bring extra chargers along and keep one in your purse or backpack for convenience. You’ll want to snap lots of pictures! 
  4. Leave a little extra room. If you leave a little extra room in your suitcase when you pack, you’ll have room for any souvenirs you might buy along the way! Remember, though, that many airlines charge for checked bags. 

Being prepared for variables on tour means you’re ready to enjoy the trip of a lifetime! The memories our student travelers make on tour stay with them for years to come.

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