The Best Student Travel Destination for 2023

Considering taking your lesson plan on the road? Curious about the best destination for student travel in 2023? We’ve got everything you need to know!

Choosing the destination(s) for your students to travel is a big decision. You’re likely weighing the balance of student interest with your curriculum goals, and we won’t judge you for including somewhere you enjoy or have been wanting to explore! 

To make this decision we’ve considered destinations from coast to coast, from big cities to National Parks, and Costa Rica to Europe and beyond. So what’s the best student tour destination for 2023? Drum roll…

Wherever you choose! 

Wait. Wherever I choose? Yes! Wherever you choose to travel with your students will be the BEST student travel destination for them in 2023. 

Students have missed out on so much the last few years. They’re craving shared experiences, new adventures, and a chance to get beyond their hometowns. We’ve written before about the incredible impact and benefits of student travel, but it’s worth sharing again and again. 

So, sure, we could have chosen a popular travel destination like Washington, D.C., New York City, Boston, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, or countless other captivating and educational locations. But the most important thing is that they travel. That they have the opportunity to see different topography and people, to be inspired by historic sites, and share that experience together. 

And we’re here to help! Whether you choose the historical East Coast with our American Heritage Programs, Costa Rica or a National Park with GTrek, another popular destination or forging ahead with an exciting new one, our team makes planning your class trip a fun and enjoyable experience!

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