Who is Global Travel Alliance?

It is the people that make up who and what a company is.  Especially in the world of educational travel.   And because we are a company that values relationships – clients are no mere numbers here – we are glad to be introducing our fabulous team in this series “Who is Global Travel Alliance.”  Now meet a great one…

Based in the Great Plains, Tyler calls Omaha, Nebraska home.  He is an exceptional EPS (local parlance for point-of-contact with our teachers) who serves teachers in every detail of their student trip from start through finish, something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  

Ask yourself this: If you are a teacher that leads a student trip, or hopes to one day, what would you look for in a company and its representative?  Clear, accurate communication?  Thorough about the details?  Someone knowledgeable about the process and the destination?  How about someone who expresses legitimate concern for you, your students, and your trip, that you know you’re not simply a number?  Look no further, because this is Tyler.   

What’s more is that he’s also a fan-favorite tour guide.  So versatile he can not only help you plan your trip, he’ll deftly lead you and your students through an amazing itinerary – one that he helped you craft.      

His favorite travel destination is Ellis Island in New York City due to the rich history and stories of the immigrants who left everything behind to begin a new life. 

When not traveling, you’ll find Tyler enjoying active weekends bike riding with his lovely wife Brea and 2 year old daughter. 

“An investment into travel is an investment into yourself. I see this time and time again with our trips. Students are shown not only historically significant locations, but travel also changes perspectives. It broadens your scope of the world and how you see it, and I believe that truly positive changes come from removing yourself from the normal day to day of our lives.”

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