Behind the Scenes of Planning Student Group Travel

Have you ever wondered about the process of planning an educational tour?  When and how does it all come together?  The below timeline graph is a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the numerous steps necessary to deliver these eye-opening, life-changing educational experiences.  It’s a process that demands the collaboration and coordination of many, including the teacher, the Educational Program Specialist (EPS), our operations team, accounting team, Lead Guide, parents, students, tour guides, vendors, and more!  We hope this resource provides insight into the programs we cherish and the steps it takes to bring them to life. 

Have questions about how the process should work for you?  Or perhaps you’re wondering if you’re getting all that you could be from your current educational travel partner?  Reach out to us and learn how we take care of our teachers and students.  You can also get a no-hassle trip quote from us.  Apple to apple comparison, we’ll make it easy.

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