Big News From The Big Apple

For the purposes of this announcement, please imagine the following words to be performed with music and dancing…

Broadway is back!  The iconic New York City attraction announced it will be reopening in September.   Classic musicals like Wicked, Lion King, Come From Away, Aladdin, are all primed for a return and ready for an audience.

For many, a show on Broadway is the ultimate Big Apple experience; for others, nothing less than spectacular.  It starts with a walk on the famed street through the historic theater district and ends with the greatest musical theatrical show in the world.  Add in the spectacle of Broadway and 7th Ave, better known as Times Square, and some authentic New York City cheesecake from Juniors (also on The Great White Way!), and it’s no wonder Broadway is the preferred experience in educational student group travel.  

If you’ve traveled with us to New York City before, you know how special the Broadway night in Manhattan can be; everyone dressed up, the sense of anticipation that comes when the tour guide hands you a ticket, and the wonder that accompanies such magnificent theater.  

But like everything else in student group travel, it’s about how you do it.  We go to great lengths to find the desired Broadway shows that are also appropriate for your students, and at a cost that doesn’t blow up the trip price.  This, combined with our prime hotels in the heart of Manhattan, our use of the subway system, and our well-thought-out itineraries, makes Broadway a highlight among highlights.

So come, celebrate the return of Broadway with us and your students by planning a trip to New York City.   The right show and the right itinerary is an unforgettable experience!

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