8th Grade Class Trips to Arlington National Cemetery

If you’re looking for an educational travel company that puts together 8th grade class trips to Washington, D.C. you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been doing so for the past 15 years. Teachers choose to work with us because of our personal and professional approach, commitment to safety, and our dedication to the educational impact these trips have on students. And although our trips can be customized to fit any curriculum, one of the main spots in D.C. that we almost never let groups skip out on is Arlington National Cemetery.

Honor. Courage. Service. Sacrifice. Our student trips to Washington, D.C. learn about these values in real-time on-location. They’re always on display at places like Arlington National Cemetery. Students can go here and then go home with a better understanding of how to showcase these values in their everyday life. We are “Building Bridges and Changing Lives through Educational Travel.” We’re not just a tour company.

The cemetery is located just outside of Washington, D.C., across the Potomac, in Virginia. It’s a great spot to visit with a group early in the morning before heading into town. The US Marine Corps War Memorial is also nearby. Highlights at Arlington include the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Memorial Amphitheater, the John. F. Kennedy gravesite, Arlington House, and a whole lot more.

Arlington is the crux of our American Heritage program. It’s beauty serves not only as a backdrop for awesome sunrise soaked white marble tombstone photography, but also as a powerful reminder that Freedom Is Not Free. The service and sacrifice of every American soldier throughout history is symbolized here. Students walk these grounds in silent awe while seeing what dedication and perfection actually look like.

Our Tour Directors stay with their group the entire trip from the moment they arrive in D.C. until the moment they leave. Unless requested otherwise, our groups are private. If you already work with a tour company, make sure your tour director is already on the bus with your group when you leave the hotel each morning (instead of picking them up at Arlington) and that he/she is dedicated to your itinerary only.

Learn more about Arlington and other group activities in Washington, D.C.

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