Earth Day 2016

Celebrate Earth Day and listen to Episode 11 of the Global Podcast.


Field trips National Parks


Happy Earth Day! Let’s connect with the National Parks – the idea of a National Park is to preserve nature, right?  We help science teachers lead student trips to many National Parks every year. This podcast and lesson plan takes a look at nature from several different points of view.  It asks the questions “What are the potential things that could harm the area you are viewing?” and then “How can you protect it?” The idea of conservation and preservation through understanding is what our Gtrek science trip education program stands for and is essentially what a National Park does. 


The brief history of the National Parks is an excellent segway to explaining what our Gtrek program is.  The Earth Day lesson plan supports what our Gtrek program stands for. Check it out for yourself! Click here to download the Earth Day lesson plan, and click here to follow us on Soundcloud for future podcast updates.