Presidents Day 2016

Class field trips to Washington, D.C. are super fun. We go on tour and walk in the footsteps of legends like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Jefferson. Today we celebrate these men and of course the three-day weekend.


We like to show our student travelers examples values like honor, courage, service, and sacrifice, while on tour. One of our most popular destinations, Washington, D.C., is obviously home to some of our countries most famous leaders – the Presidents. 240 years after declaring our independence, there have been only 43 presidents sworn into office. Let’s honor those men today and learn more about the values they exemplify.

Are you in a quiet office trying to find something to listen to? Does your school have class today and are you looking for an entertaining classroom activity? You’ve come to the right place! Episode 9 of the Global Podcast is live and HERE IS A SUPER FUN LESSON PLAN ACTIVITY FOR YOUR STUDENTS TO USE TOO!

Stay tuned Global Travelers!

We have more podcasts planned for the rest of the 2016 school year so please check back soon.