Christopher Columbus Ripple Effect


Student trips to Washington, D.C. bring history to life and showcase the values of past heroes.

When 8th graders go to Washington, many of them walk right past the 103 year old Columbus Fountain standing outside of Union Station – dedicated to the courageous and faithful Christopher Columbus. Today is Columbus Day so we honor the man who sailed West to go East by providing a great educational resource for our teachers and group leaders. Our American Heritage educational travel program helps your students learn about history outside of traditional classrooms. Whether it’s a trip to Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia), New York City, Boston, or elsewhere, we have the resources to help prepare you for a great adventure.

Start today’s lesson with a short podcast about the Christopher Columbus ripple effect. Listen above and click here to access a helpful lesson plan:

Columbus Day Lesson Plan

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We have more podcasts planned for the 2015/16 school year, so be awesome and come back for more. COMMENT BELOW to share how you used this resource to teach your students about the destination(s) they’re traveling, or to request other lesson plan resources.

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