Give and Grow with Global Doing Good

Our 8th grade trips to Washington, D.C. are more than your average student travel opportunities.

For over ten years we have lead students and teachers on school trips to hundreds of destinations, and now it’s time to give back. Our newest division is Global Doing Good which offers inspiring adventure, service, and academic opportunities for student and church groups. We believe that the first step in becoming an effective leader is to become a servant, and so does Adventures of the CCSS.

Sharon Majetich wrote an article about 160 eighth grade students who set out on a Project Based Learning mission to change the world and their community. With a little help from our Lead Educator and Director of Global Doing Good Ryan Sparzak, the students and their project were able to support many different academic areas. Sharon writes:

“The students changed the lives of so many people, and in turn their lives were changed. Many of the students are continuing to work with their charity groups outside of the limitations of the school project.”

To read the full article from the Adventures of the CCSS, click here.

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Calling all high school students! Apply online to become a world traveler and Service Scholar.