Academic Service Learning with Service Scholars

High school students are getting ready for a group travel adventure that will change the world.

Costa Rica Student Group Service Home Final

Service Learning and Home Building in Costa Rica

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Are you a motivated high school student leader who wants to make a difference and experience life-changing academic service opportunities? Perfect. CLICK HERE.

Global Doing Good is the newest member of the Global Travel Alliance student and educational group travel programs. Yes, we lead middle school student trips to Washington, D.C. through our American Heritage program. Yes, we guide science student travel to Costa Rica and other academic Gtrek destinations. But wait! Now there’s more.

Yes, we created the Service Scholars program which provides educational experiences for exceptional students who are ready to learn what serving and leading are all about. Various destinations are offered during the summer for students that are seeking to expand their high school learning experience through service projects in unique locations focused on tackling some of the worlds biggest problems.

As a Service Scholar, students will have the opportunity in 2015 to travel to Montana, the Pacific Northwest, New York City, or Costa Rica. You can learn more about pricing, travel dates, and tentative itineraries by clicking here.

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We’ve made the Service Scholars application a breeze – follow this link to the Global Doing Good website, fill out on the online application form as best as you can, and wait to hear from us.

Other information about Global Doing Good and the Service Scholars program can be found at

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