Student Trip to Florida with Teens4Oceans

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Ocean Stewards Expeditions

Join Global Travel Alliance and Teens4Oceans (T4O) for a fast paced student travel exploration of the freshwater and marine ecosystems of the Florida Everglades and Keys. The expedition will include opportunities to meet members of the T4O Florida chapters and partners at the Aquarius Reef Base program with Florida International University and Coral Shores High School on Plantation Key.

Join this ocean expedition now! Click on the following two documents for trip details and how to enroll:

You can also learn more about Global Travel Alliance, Teens4Oceans, and the trip details by viewing the following 20 minute webinar:

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The oceans of the world are often described as the last great wilderness where mystery, intrigue, beauty and discovery await the curious traveler. It is also one of the most important biomes that amongst other things shapes global weather patterns, feeds millions of people and is home to hundreds of thousands of amazing plants and animals critical to supporting a healthy environment.

Discovering this under water world, developing a more meaningful understanding of the ecosystem and importance to people and wildlife is now possible through a partnership between Global Travel Alliance and the non-profit ocean education organization Teens4Oceans. Teens4Oceans (T4O) is a chapter based organization organized by teachers and students that strives to empower our next generation to become impassioned stewards for their ocean through education, experiential learning, scientific research and innovative technologies. Global Travel Alliance shares these values and is a proud partner in helping T4O achieve its goals.

The Ocean Stewards program is a series of high school experiential education expeditions to different oceans of the world. The expeditions will create opportunities for students: (1) to explore and engage in the scientific process, (2) work side by side with researchers, (3) help shape the vision of future leaders , and (4) promote an ethic of a sustainable society that values the beauty and health of the worlds oceans.

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You can contact Paul Belanger directly at Global Travel Alliance to learn more about trip details, activities, safety and how to enroll: or 855-204-7720.

Teens4Oceans trips are open to all high school students. Information about the trip is available here and is being dispersed through Teens4Oceans chapters across the country. To establish a chapter in your school or community, contact Teens4Oceans at 303-996-7580 or visit their website at

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