Must Have Travel Gear

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What do we pack for student travel to Washington, D.C., educational tours to Costa Rica, fun trips to New York City, or group travel to anywhere else in the world?

Packing for a student trip can’t be mastered in one try, so the experienced Global staff got together and talked about their Must Have Travel Gear, or M.H.T.G. We hope these items and our advice can help get you to the next level and ready for your upcoming and future adventures.

Pro Tip #1: Pack light!

So what’s the best tech to take? What’s always in your backpack? What about snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, and S.W.A.G.? Precise packing takes time and practice. Here are a few of the things we never leave home without:


Smartphones, E-book readers, extra chargers and external batteries, and a small digital camera are some of our favorite M.H.T.G. when traveling. External phone batteries are lightweight, small, and super helpful when an outlet can’t be found. Don’t forget your international outlet adapter for your student trip to Europe (view a helpful map)!

Here’s a cool Android app that helps you pack:

Travel Bag

Whether you choose a backpack, purse, or satchel for your daily excursions, what goes inside matters most. A small first-aid kit, a thin travel guide book, a journal or sketchbook, and your Global Travel Alliance 14oz Nalgene bottle are great options we like most.


Why not pack a few extra, small-sized granola bars or slices of fresh veggies and fruit? Think about some healthy alternatives to bring along instead of waiting to get hungry in your hotel room after a long day or at the airport waiting for your flight. Also note that most airports raise the cost of food considerably – read this story from USA Today for a past perspective.

Personal Care

Besides toothpaste and deoderant, what else can you grab from your bathroom? Eyedrops, cough drops, and chapstick are easy to stow and are extremely helpful with climate and elevation changes. First aid waterproof tape can prevent pain when breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Pro Tip #2: Wear contacts? Bring an extra set and case.

S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get)

A cool Global Travel Alliance pin or sticker helps you stand out from the crowd in airports or city centers. This visual aid communicates that you have traveled before and you traveled well. Make sure you follow us on Instagram (where we announce giveaways) and talk to your Tour Director during your class trip – he or she might have a few extra pins and stickers stashed away in their backpack…or purse…or satchel!

Educational Tour Packing Tips

Also, wear comfy sneakers when walking around Washington, D.C. on an 8th grade or high school trip. Medium terrain trail boots are perfect on your senior class science trip to Costa Rica. Shout-out to Toms and Rainbows. For clothes, dress in layers and don’t forget an easy-to-pack raincoat, pancho, or umbrella. When considering your toiletries, remember that the TSA only allows a certain amount of liquids on an airplane.

So, what is your Must Have Travel Gear?

Pro Tip #3: Comment below!

If you have any questions about what to pack or how to prepare, please don’t hesitate to call us at 866-313-2577 or send us an email – we’d love to help! 

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