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So where did you go and what did you do?

Students, teachers, parents, and even the Global Travel Alliance staff have so much fun when traveling the world. Whether it’s a four day student trip to Washington, D.C., a five day trip to Boston and New York City, or however many days wherever else in the world, we have a blast! Our top priority is safety and having fun is important too, but the educational aspect of our tours are also essential. Partnering with teachers is the very core of what we do and who we are. We’ve led a lot of educational trips with many travelers over the past ten years and we hear a lot of wonderful stories. Now it’s time to share those stories.

Our Communications Department is here to help you Share Your Trip! Students, teachers, and parents are all invited to share their stories, class projects, art creations, websites, trip journals, photo albums, and anything else that showcases what they learned on a Global Travel Alliance adventure. Click on a few examples:

Freedom Is Not Free  Costa Rica Trip Journal  Costa Rica Adventure

Why Share Your Trip?

A wide-range of student learning takes place before, during, and after each trip. Riveting experiences, location-based study, and culture awareness are a few of the many educational aspects of student travel. It’s time to Share Your Trip with the world, demonstrate what you learned, explore other destinations, reflect on your travel experience, and discover what other creative memories are being made by other Global Travelers.

What can you Share?

Did you keep a journal or diary during your trip? Type it, save it, send it! Are you becoming an expert photographer? We’d love to showcase your trip pics! Did you create a website, YouTube video, Prezi, or PowerPoint presentation? Let us publish that for you. These are the types of creative projects that most accurately illustrate what Global Travel Alliance is all about.

Trip journals are a great way to make a memory of your experience and maybe earn some extra credit in school (check with your teachers first). This once-in-a-lifetime opporunity comes and goes, but a journal full of your fun memories, lessons learned, and new discoveries won’t go away and can be read by anyone anytime.

SYT Journal Template

How do you Share?

It’s simple. Attach your creative project to an email and send it to – and don’t forget to tag us in all of your Instagram pictures!


Who can Share?

Students, teachers, and parents who are participating in a Global Travel Alliance educational program are all invited to share their trip. We want to be your life-long educational partner. Sharing your story with the world is a great idea, and we can help you out.

Thank you for being our educational partner. It’s an honor to travel the world with you and hear your stories. We hope you learn a lot about your destination, and also yourself. We build bridges and change lives, so don’t forget to Share Your Trip!

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