Minimizing Your Global Impact

Go Green Global Travelers!

Global Travel Alliance will lead travel adventures anywhere on Planet Earth (you can see for yourself right here). In doing so, we desperately strive for responsible travel practices so we can minimize the impact on Mother Earth. Read below for some eco-friendly travel tips to keep in mind for your next adventure, wherever and whenever it may be!

Fly Low and Fly Less

Flying all over the Google Maps database will be the most energy consuming part of a trip, so plan excursions that require minimal time in airplanes. According to, a typical Boeing 747 will burn a gallon of fuel every second! Traveling to multiple destinations? Use the train. Get to where you need to be, and then take a creative next-step on the ground level.

Travel Light

This tip is smart on so many levels and will specifically reduce the weight of luggage which can seriously reduce green house gas emissions. All forms of transportation burn more fuel carrying more weight. Leave unnecessary electronics at home and plan to wear the same pair of jeans the entire trip.

Heading out on one of our exciting outdoor education programs? Download our Global Travel Alliance Packing Tips.

Turn Off at Home

Before you leave your humble abode, turn off all lights and unplug household appliances that won’t be in use while you’re away.  Do the same in your hotel room – why feed your phone charger with joules of energy when you’re out-and-about? enjoying the sites? This is an uber-valuable energy saving tactic.

Public Transit

Global Travel Alliance always utilizes public transportation during our student travel adventures. Trains, subways, and a classic hike not only help the environment, but are also a  healthier, more enjoyable, and personal way to experience your destination community.

Conserve Water

Use conservative amounts of water for showers at your hotel/hostel. Reuse bath towels and bed sheets, and turn off the sink when you’re brushing your teeth:


Pack a Water Bottle

Pack a bottle of your own (we like 14oz BPA free bottles from Nalgene) or reuse the first one you buy. Check with your Global Travel Alliance team member to see if your destination provides safe drinking water from the tap. Yes, we know how fine the Natural Artesian Bottled Water of Fiji can look, but save yourself some money and the environment a little work.


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Energizer Bunny

Save the Bunnies! Utilize electronic options that don’t require batteries. For techs like cell phones, cameras, and razors that might require batteries, try using rechargeable batteries or a battery pack you can plug in at night while you sleep.


Any tips we forgot on our list? Let us know! Have a safe adventure Global Travelers, tell Mother Earth hello for us!

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