Laughter is a Universal Language

Educational trips to Costa Rica tranform lives.

by Brynn Burke

Montana to Costa Rica is approximately 2800 miles, three flights and 12 hours of travel, but every second was worth it.  Traveling to Costa Rica with a group of teachers and staff was a great experience and way to get exposed to Costa Rican culture, natural beauty and a vast amount of animals – even the animals that invited themselves to the hotel room and/or the food!

The week started by visiting two Costa Rican families that Global Doing Good has provided homes to.  It was so touching to see the reaction of the children when they saw us.  Hugs and smiles were shared as they invited us to see their home.  This small act of service provided new hope and has completely changed their lives. The mother of the home even offers school lessons from one of the rooms!  A specific aspect of the visit that was so special to me was even with the language barrier, the smiles and laughter helped us all connect.  I will never forget how happy the family was because of the service and home building from Global Doing Good.

We continued the week with many activities including zip lining, snorkeling, rafting and souvenir shopping.  We traveled all over Costa Rica to get a full look at what the country has to offer.  Whether tourists seek adventure, science or a service project, Global Travel Alliance can create a remarkable trip to Costa Rica.  Throughout our travels we saw whales, dolphins, turtles, fish, monkeys and many more animals you can’t see in Montana.  We experienced the full extent of a rain forest storm, and most importantly, we saw the difference that Global Travel Alliance can make for Costa Rican families.  Everywhere we went, there was always a way to converse through a simple smile and laugh.  I loved having that universal language and had to use it many times.  Our bus driver Wallace didn’t speak much English but we still forced him to sit with us at meals… I am sure he really loved it!

Costa Rica was a great destination for travelers from all over.  I loved my experience!

Brynn has been an intern at Global Travel Alliance since the start of Summer 2013. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree for Marketing at Gonzaga University. Interested in becoming an intern for Global Travel Alliance? Shoot an email to our Communications Department with your resume attached. 

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