Termite Dessert

Termites taste like Mint? Learn this and more on student trips to Costa Rica

Travel starts with packing (clean clothes into a suitcase) and ends with packing (clean clothes into a dresser/closet). But what happensĀ in between? We have had many groups go on trips over the years, and each have incredible stories. One group leader, Laura from Montana, writes about Day 1 of her educational travel experience in Costa Rica:

After a long day we finally made it to the region of Sarapiqui! We arrived on time and were promptly picked up by our local expert and guide. We made our way to the Doka coffee plantation where we were treated to some great coffee and a wonderful breakfast of beans, rice, eggs, cheese and tortillas. From there we took a tour of the plantation. Very cool!

Next up was a ride to Poas volcano. As soon as we got to the parking lot we could smell the sulfur coming from the crater. After a short hike we were able to look down into the throat of the volcano. It hasn’t erupted since 1955 but constantly emits sulfur and other gases. They billowed up the whole time we were there, obscuring the crater at times.

From there we made our way to Rio Frio where a Costa Rican family made us lunch using food grown on their own organic farm. It was really cool! Foods made from papaya, plantains,cassava and malanga, in addition to fresh watermelon, were awesome as was the juice made from sour guava (which, ironically, tasted sweet).

After lunch, we were taken on a tour of the farm. Our kids got to climb a coconut tree and chop down a batch of coconuts, squeeze sugar water from sugar cane, chew on some fresh sugar cane and even eat termites (which taste like mints)!

We got to the hotel about an hour ago and are going to have dinner at six. After dinner we are going on a night hike through the rainforest. Everyone is having a great time!