Costa Rican Mud Fight

Student group travels to Costa Rica on a service project and builds a home for a family in need.

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Last month, a small service team from Global Doing Good (with help from a Texas student group) built a home for a family in need. And when we say “in need,” we mean that the house the family was living in had tilted, falling, scrap-metal walls, dirt floors, and a holey roof.

They did not live in a church.

Jeff, Pam, Brian, Roy, Brooke, Daniel and Andrea led the Costa Rica Homebuilding project offered by Global Doing Good and constructed a new humble abode in only 10 days. They didn’t do it alone: the student group from The Lone Star State pitched in two days, and so did the family.

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Wait…what family?

The family who would be living under their new roof of course…and the family members who live in a new home that was built last year. Brian said he “worked with a school group on their second home building project and the home they were building was just a matter of yards from the home they built last year.  In many ways, it was more of a reunion than project. I was humbled to see the children of last year’s family pitching in.  To see a family so empowered really reaffirmed the power of service learning in my mind.”

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Brooke brought her camera along (check out her pic-snapping skills at and was lucky enough to capture the boys from the new family being boys. Who wouldn’t take their old scrap metal walls and turn them into mud fight front yard castles?

Scroll down to see this epic Costa Rican mud fight:

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Turns out that joy is a heart issue, not a home issue.

Right before the final day key ceremony, each family member helped bring their old furniture inside their new home. They expressed great joy moving in with their broken and scruffy furniture that looked like it came from a barn…not Pottery Barn.

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Brian communicated his gratitude: “Thanks to Mr. C, his students, and their parents for making this a reality, again.  I want to thank you sincerely for letting me take part in your project.  I really hope to see some of your faces again next year.  You kids were awesome! I am sure that the rest of the trip through Costa Rica was a blast, even if there may have been a few muscle aches and some very stinky sneakers.  Congratulations and thanks to all of you.”

So what about you? Want to offer some aid? Visit to find out how you can donate, serve, and do good. Enroll now, learn more about the Homebuilding project, or peruse our Google+ Global Doing Good photo gallery!

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