The United States Army Band

In October of 2012, an excited group of students, parents, and teachers ventured from Frenchtown, Montana to Washington D.C. (see here). We’ve made a lot of noteworthy travel memories at Global Travel Alliance with many of our groups, but this one is a rarity.

A tough part of a tour guide’s job is to navigate large groups of young teens through big cities like New York and Washington, D.C. A tour guide must also lay the course on a smaller scale, like at a specific destination. On this day in October, our tour guides J.J. Peterson and Brian Mathis had the tough task of an improved journey through Arlington National Cemetery – under construction.

After a few new twists-and-turns, detours, and large shouts of important information back-dropped with growling chainsaws and giraffe high backhoes, the group arrived at the Tomb of the Unknown, the climax for many visitors at this national cemetery.

A few minutes later, Frenchtown MT had front row tickets to one of the most rare and important band performances of their lives. There were trumpets and drums and even a flute! The Drum Major wore an enormous and excellent furry black hat, and had an awesome golden globe atop his staff. And standing behind the band, near the “American soldier known but to God,” were representatives of each military branch.

American Heritage

After the Ambassador from New Zealand layed a wreath, it was all over. The soldiers and band marched down the stairs and out of site, and the guards went back to the never ending duty of protecting our Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

If that doesn’t get you excited for an American Heritage trip, I don’t know what will! Want to check out part of the performance? See below and check out our Youtube page here