Doing Good in El Salvador

In the middle of this past holiday season, the president of Global Travel Alliance partnered on an adventure with our service and missions guru. Jeff Peterson and RJ Koerper went on this short expedition to 13°41′24″N 89°11′24″W, which are the coordinates for San Salvador, El Salvador. They traveled from December 6-9 with a two-fold purpose: to explore new ministry possibilities for the Home Building Project @  Global Doing Good and to gain focus on the Wounded Healer Project.

They met with El Salvador resident Mercedes Dalton,  a friend and fellow helper who used to work with Global Action and World Vision. She has compiled quite a few ministry possibilities that would provide our groups the opportunity to Do Good in El Salvador. This list includes options like home building, orphanage work, and providing aid at a deaf school near the capital city of San Salvador.

More specifically, Mercedes and RJ have teamed up for the Wounded Healer Project – Mercedes has began preparations for a conference in and around Latin/South America, while RJ is developing the project’s curriculum.

So where does Global Doing Good fit in? With the opportunity this short excursion provided last month, Jeff was able to get a better feel for what’s on the rise. Global Doing Good can now come alongside and support this project. They were able to scout some of these home building opportunities, and also check out the beautiful hotels that will host the groups that come to help.

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Global Doing Good

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