The Wolves of Yellowstone National Park

by Paul Belanger

The Yellowstone Wolves have captured the heart and minds of many over the years of reintroduction and management controversy. Whether you agree with wolf reintroduction or not, whether you are against their continued presence in the Rocky Mountains or not, you cannot deny that wolves in Yellowstone are an important part of the modern day land/wildlife management legacy.

Recently, one of the most famous wolves of Yellowstone was shot by a hunter prompting a decision to halt the wolf hunt in and around Yellowstone National Park. There are many valid opinions on both sides of the issue – often but not always the media focuses on the extreme ends. There are some very smart and reasonable people working on wolf management and more importantly, making sure that the Yellowstone ecosystem is vibrant, healthy and remains our iconic symbol of wilderness and preservation.Two years ago, I was fortunate to lead a group of students from North Carolina to Yellowstone Park and a handful of us caught a fleeting glimpse of a wolf. It was memorable for me and for the students. I look forward to seeing this animal and more in Yellowstone in the future.
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