Frenchtown MT

Trip Journal: Montana student group travel to Washington DC

by J.J. Peterson

Parlez vous Francais? Yeah me neither. This cool town of people aren’t from France anyway. Ever heard that the French people are a rude bunch? Well, that isn’t the case with this student group from Northwest Montana. They were the exact opposite!

Global Travel Alliance just wrapped up their final D.C./NYC trip of the 2012 year, and Frenchtown was a great travel partner. Among many things, we studied the Capitol building, we heard the United States Army Band play at Arlington National Cemetery (needless to say, the kids saw a very rare show at a very special place).

And our tour guide J.J. made a new friend in NYC! Montana students know that when a squirrel sees you, it runs. It knows you own BB guns. But on this day in NYC, a squirrel got in on the educational travel action and taught that not all squirrels are terrified of your arms. Probably because J.J. had a few peanuts at the bottom of his backpack.

When J.J. brought the group to the JFK airport for departure, he thanked the group for letting him come along. He was honored to be their tour guide.

Kudos, Montana travelers. We hope you had a great trip!