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student trips washington dc, gettysburg class field trip, gettysburg address

The Gettysburg Address

When we look back on our U.S. history, it’s important to hear the words of our great leaders and understand why they were saying them. Learn more about Lincoln’s words that inspired a nation.

Jerry Peterson WWII Veterans Day

Follow A Legend

In honor of Veterans Day, we follow a legend named Jerry Peterson and listen to an interview we did with him. As a WWII Veteran he shares stories and wisdom that connect to our 8th grade trips to Washington, D.C.

student trips washington dc group travel 8th grade dc trip educational tours

Election Day 2015

Election Day is this week so be sure to hear Episode 3 of our Global Podcast to learn more about why we take students on educational tours to Washington D.C.

Student Travel National Parks

National Park Science Adventure Travel

Here are 3 fun facts about the National Park Service that you might not have known. Bring your student group on a class trip to the National Parks next year!

Philadelphia Constitution School Trip Social Studies

History Comes Alive

We build bridges, change lives, ad break down classroom walls – figuratively speaking. Join us on an 8th grade class trip to Washington, D.C. and experience a real-life textbook!

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